I created this website with the intention of creating a sister ranking system to the well-established one found at mariokart64.com/mksc. This means that each player submits their own times as they attain them (or submit their older times). However, it's my intention to enter in times from players that are uncontactable or have retired. This will be done for the sake of completeness and accuracy, especially for the top of the leaderboard. If you have an issue regarding the above point, please contact me so that we can discuss it.

If you wish to discuss with others who play the game, please visit this link. This is the MKSC forum on the Mario Kart Players' Page. If you wish to contact me, or have a comment or question regarding the website, please either post in the thread I've created in the forum, or email me at noseykart@gmail.com

What is ZZMT?

ZZMT stands for zig-zag-miniturbo. These types of miniturbos (time-saving boosts) cannot normally be performed on a standard unmodified GBA system. Their difference is not in the effect that releasing the MiniTurbo (MT) performs in-game, but in the method with which it is charged.

The Directional Pad (dpad) on the GBA provides the game with three possible inputs: left, neutral, and right. To charge a MT in-game, the player must normally hop into a drift, and then hold either left for a certain number of frames, or hold right for the same number of frames. Meaning for that set number of frames, both the drift button and a directional button must be held down. Interestingly, the game developers decided to implement this by decharging the MT (i.e. resetting the counter of frames) if a single neutral input is detected. Therefore if a player attempted to zig-zag to charge an MT by alternating left and right, they would fail as a neutral input is provided with each alternation.

On a normal GBA system, the underside of the dpad has a little plastic bump that touches some circuitry constantly, therefore providing the neutral input when the dpad is in it's resting state. You can see the opposite side of this plastic bump as the indented semi-sphere in the centre of the dpad on the top.
If this little bump is worn down either naturally (which it can do, and is the reason why the main site allows ZZMT) or intentionally, then we say bye-bye to neutral inputs, and hello to zig-zag miniturbos.

So what's so special about Non-ZZMT times?

The crux of the problem is that Zig-Zag MTs gives the player an advantage, due to them being able to charge time-saving MTs in roughly a straight line, rather than only around corners (this is heavily simplified). Furthermore, up til now the only main ranking we have for this game is the main site at mariokart64.com/mksc, and crucially it is does not track whether a time was made using ZZMTs or not. This means that it is extremely difficult for players who haven't modified their console to compare their times effectively to those made on equal footing as their own.

Another point to consider, is that if you wish to compete using zzmts, you must either patiently wait to naturally wear down your console (can take several years), or take it apart and modify it yourself. Both of reasons contribute to many many players never making the switch, and as such have rather large disadvantage. This in my view makes the existing leaderboard a poor indicator of skill.

Finally, time-trialing the game without ZZMTs is a very different experience, and one that I personally much prefer. And I believe that I'm not alone in thinking that. All of these reasons combined are the reason I created this site, in the hope of encouraging competition in this category which deserves a lot more love and recognition (also see: SMK Non-NBT).


Standards are an artificial set of times created by the community for the community. They serve as targets to aim for, and an alternative measure of skill. For an example of a set of standards, look here.

My plan is to eventually introduce standards to the site, which is why I've put in the 'Std' column as a placeholder. But don't expect anything just yet.

Other Things


If you want to chat with the MKSC crew, join us here in our Discord Channel!


A brilliant resource for the best videos and strategies can be found at mkwrs.com, a site made by Cole. It is a database of World Record histories for all Mario Kart games (though sadly it does not contain Non-ZZMT WR history (currently?)).


Please join the Mario Kart Players' Page Forum where you can discuss and share your times for all Mario Kart games!

Main Site

The PP (Player's Page) site can be found here.


An old website that has videos of historical World Records, but may be worth a look if you're struggling to search for a video for a slightly easier strat. Link here.

Thank yous

Site Instructions

This site was created with the intent of creating a leaderboard of Non-ZZMT (non-zigzag-miniturbo), Non-SC (non-shortcut) times for the Mario Kart Super Circuit on the GBA. This site tracks both Course (5lap or 3lap dependent on the track) and Flap (fast lap) times, and once you have submitted all 80(!) possible times, then you'll appear on the leaderboard to see where you rank amongst the best players of this delightful game.
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