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Many challengers approach...

Nosey @ Tuesday, October 11th [link]

Time for the first proper news update!

These will be monthly, and so this will cover activity in September. There are two oddities worth mentioning before we head on though. Firstly, the 5 players that were added to site a couple of years ago, and more importantly the decision to retroactively change the dates of everyone's times. The latter means that while we have had many new players join the site, there have only been a few who have submitted times actually made during the month. As such, I won't be describing the details of everyone's records, as that would be more like describing their entire MKSC history!

New Players

We had 13 new players join the site this month!

Tom van Kessel, Stephen Weber, Kyle Begley, Joseph Armstrong, Mickael Smolen, Florian Chollet and Sami Cetin all join with a full timesheet!
Omar Martinez Ramirez joins with a single 3lap on PC. Steven Quincy joins a roughly quarter-full timesheet, hopefully we'll see him continue to fill it in soon.
Alicia L'Hoëst, Cole Gilbert and Kiyotaka Umeki join us with their partial nonzzmt timesheets set many years back. Finally, Olivier Luyckx has sent in an almost completed timesheet, only 4 times to go until he appears on the main AF chart!

Out of the new players, 5 hold at least one Site Record.
Mickael Smolen, our first proper Non-ZZMT site champion holds 36 SRs, the most of any player. Kiyotaka, otherwise known as Su has 5 SRs. These are mainly from his crazy WR streak in early 2007 before he quit the game when ZZMTing was introduced. Florian Chollet holds 4 SRs, including an extremely strong RRR 5lap.
Lastly, Sami and Alicia each hold one SR apiece, on RGV1 and RMC2 respectively.


#2 Michael Hutchings managed a small AF cut this month with 8 new times. He hit double PRs on BC2, RR and RGV1\. His RR prs are a long time coming, but his 3lap is still ranked low, so he'll need to return to it if he wants to cut his AF.

#14 Stephen Quincy hit a quality double PR on RBC1, both 3lap and flap are ranked #8, which is lower than his average ranking of 9.7895 for his partial timesheet. He's now completed his Retro Mushroom Cup, so now maybe he'll move onto recording times for the rest of the Retro Courses.

Site Records

Michael Hutchings beat an 8 year old time on BC2 3lap and achieved a nice sub with a time of 1'01"96.

He also got RBC3 flap with a decent time of 12"79. The true WR here is quite a bit quicker however, hopefully it will be added to the site soon.

That's it for this month, hopefully we'll gain some more players and see some continued activity in October!
Happy karting :D

Hello, World!

Nosey @ Monday, September 5th [link]

Well, it’s great to finally be here!

This website has been in the works for over 3 years in total. I’m sorry that it took so long, and with so many promises of “oh it’s only just a few weeks away” years ago.

Anyway, hope you like it. Please visit the ‘About’ section for instructions/information regarding the site, and this forum thread and if you’ve got any burning questions, email me at noseykart@gmail.com.

Other than that, please go right ahead and start submitting your times!